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  The Trial at Synetic Theater

The Trial

Synetic Theater
1800 S. Bell Street Arlington

Picture this: A 30-year-old man going about his day, when suddenly without cause or warning, he is arrested while at work. Two unidentified agents from an unknown agency arrest this man for an unspecified crime. While this story might sound as if it had been ripped from the headlines, it is from Franz Kafka's 1914/15 The Trial. Synetic Theater will explore the struggles of "K" and his encounters with the invisible Law and the untouchable Court. This production is recommended for ages 17+ for mature content.

Thru - Feb 18, 2018

Wednesdays: 8:00pm
Thursdays: 8:00pm
Fridays: 8:00pm
Saturdays: 8:00pm
Sundays: 2:00pm

Box Office: 800-494-8497

  The Trial Reviews
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Washington Post - Somewhat Recommended

"...Set designer Daniel Pinha devises a collapsible wall that effectively transfers us from Josef K's grim flat to the bureaucratic demimonde that Josef tumbles into. ("The Trial" feels all but absent the influence of Irina Tsikurishvili, whose passionate choreography has distinguished the company's productions for years.) Chu, meanwhile, has an appealing, Clark Kent-ish presence that under other circumstances would qualify him as good leading-man material. In this "Trial," though, not even he can escape the unfavorable verdict."
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Peter Marks

BroadwayWorld - Highly Recommended

"...Like an edgy, stark, and unsettling nightmare, Synetic Theater breathes life into the futile world of isolation and despair first introduced by acclaimed 20th century writer Franz Kafka nearly 100 years ago. You will not soon forget your visit to an insect-infested world where darkness pervades and hope is not even a shadow on wall."
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Jeffrey Walker

DC Metro Theater Arts - Somewhat Recommended

"...Yet, for me, The Trial was not sufficiently maddening as a black comedy. It was too clear-cut a door into Kafka’s world. It needed something more visceral and mysterious, less literal to hold me tightly to it. It was a chilly production that needed to turn up the heat to its emotional core to bring forth the dramatic action of a nightmare. Or have I gotten used to insects masquerading as humans running things in the real world?"
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David Siegel

MD Theatre Guide - Highly Recommended

"...Synetic’s production of “The Trial” by Franz Kafka, grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. This is a grim, dystopian show that is all too relevant. Considering that shows are usually chosen a season in advance, this is prescient. Don’t miss this production; this is an innovative and sublimely creepy important work that will nail you to your seat as you find yourself trying to make yourself smaller so no one’s accusing eyes alight on you. This is also a show that will stay with you, giving you food for thought later, and plenty to discuss."
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Mary Ann Johnson

DCTheatreScene - Recommended

"...There will be Kafka devotees who might come with text in hand and find this and that to quibble over in terms of Paata Tsikurishvili's changes and rearrangements of text. To my mind, he does what this company does best: find a new way into a classic and reinvent theatrical images that burn in your mind for a long time after the performance. I want to mention to Kafka groupies that the preamble "Before the Law" is inserted, I believe intact, though perhaps a bit late in the show and therefore it seems a trifle long, but what a magnificent parable. One for our times!"
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Susan Galbraith

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