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  The Amateurs at Olney Theatre Center

The Amateurs

Olney Theatre Center
2001 Olney-Sandy Spring Rd. Olney

It's the 14th Century, the Black Death is ravaging Europe, and a traveling troupe of actors is performing the story of Noah. Everything is going about as well as can be expected until the actress playing Noah's Wife stops to ask why her character would get on the boat with all those smelly animals. And by the way, doesn't she deserve a name other than "Noah's Wife"? Jordan Harrison, the theatrical mastermind behind Marjorie Prime, takes us on another mind-bending journey from the 14th Century to the present day, as he creates a meta-theatrical hall of mirrors about storytelling, illness and loss, as well as a love letter to the stories that help us persevere.

Thru - Mar 15, 2020

Wednesdays: 7:45pm
Thursdays: 7:45pm
Fridays: 7:45pm
Saturdays: 1:45pm & 7:45pm
Sundays: 1:45pm

Box Office: 301-924-3400

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Washington Post - Somewhat Recommended

"...Jones’s decision to produce the play with the audience on two sides of the stage is problematic, since one periodically finds oneself looking at performers’ backs. But other choices pay off: Complementing the play’s chiaroscuro humor, Pei Lee’s medieval costumes have a semi-comic air, while Misha Kachman’s set is suitably stark."
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Celia Wren

Talkin Broadway - Recommended

"...All six actors have their chances to shine, whether bombastic or quiet (several characters have secrets they can't share directly), although Casey and Townley get to break the fourth wall with virtuoso monologues."
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Susan Berlin

DC Metro Theater Arts - Recommended

"...Many young playwrights in America right now are asking theatergoers to rethink the boundaries of theater. Add Jordan Harrison to the list of those pushing the artform to ask new questions, seek new answers, and take humanity just a little bit further in the business of being human."
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Nicole Hertvik

MD Theatre Guide - Highly Recommended

"...The acting was first rate. Casey as the supposed idiot, Gregory, who one suspects is a great deal smarter than the other characters believe, is endearing. Casey also becomes Harrison for us as he peels off his costume stating, “Maybe, we can go off-script.” He does this very well by reflecting the raw emotions of the playwright."
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Susan Brall

DCTheatreScene - Recommended

"...Though the characters in the troupe may be lowly amateurs, the cast and creative team of this production are anything but. The six cast members, all veterans of DC theatre, effectively carry out the tesseract-like intricacy of playing lesser, greener actors than themselves. Michael Russotto plays self-obsessed troupe leader Larking with the exact amount of ignorance necessary; convinced he is the greatest actor of the group, Larking refuses to give other members a chance to shine on stage. Playing Larking’s partner, Rachel Zampelli gives a fiery performance as the crass Rona, fed up and dissatisfied with her station in life and making self-destructive choices as a result. James Konicek brings gentle mystery to The Physic, a secretive newcomer to the troupe struggling with the guilt of survival. Emily Townley serves as the glue of the play, balancing the journeys of three different characters to show that the fringe groups of society taught to be content with scraps eventually break out of these restrictive roles."
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Mercedes Hesselroth

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