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  Stones in His Pockets at Keegan Theatre

Stones in His Pockets

Keegan Theatre
1742 Church Street, NW Washington

In wicked tragicomedy Stones in His Pockets, a big-budget Hollywood film descends upon a small village in Ireland and turns everything upside down. Two down-on-their-luck Irish 30-somethings become extras in the film, and the movie is a wonderful break from worrying about their futures. That is, until the harsh realities of rural life break through. The play offers a funny, dark and poignant look at the complicated relationship between Tinseltown and its subjects. Watch real life and the reel world collide when this Olivier Award-winning comedy by Irish playwright Marie Jones comes to D.C.'s Keegan Theatre.

Thru - Oct 15, 2017

Box Office: 703-892-0202

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  Stones in His Pockets Reviews
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MetroWeekly - Highly Recommended

"...The briskly paced comedy calls for two performers to enact an entire cast of characters. Itís all centered on the set of a Hollywood movie thatís landed in the rural hamlet to take advantage of the green pastures, quaint atmosphere, and majestic views of the Isleís southwest coast. Nearly every able-bodied man in town, and even a few less able, have been employed as extras by the filmís producers, who hope the localsí brogues and hardy visages will lend authenticity to their production, The Quiet Valley."

Andre Hereford

BroadwayWorld - Recommended

"...Director Abigail Isaac Fine has given audiences a worthy production of Jones' famous play, perhaps the greatest sign of her talent being her ability to render the many shifts in character and location so seamless that the audience can't help but go on the whole journey, nearly effortlessly. Stones in his Pockets is a treat, and yet another reminder (if any were needed) of the humane wit behind contemporary Irish theatre."
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Andrew White

MD Theatre Guide - Highly Recommended

"...The play began in an Irish regional theatre company Dubbeljoint Theatre Company and went on to win two Laurence Olivier Awards, but its message is for the common folk. Sometimes itís the simplest and the realist stories that are the most truthful and beautiful. Good man yírself, Keegan!"
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Stephanie House

DCTheatreScene - Highly Recommended

"...But the pathos created by the cast's performances keep politics mostly at the back of the audience's mind. Instead, we're left to consider an authentically-felt tale of what happens to a person when he or she has no options, no future, and no way out. Stones in His Pocket is billed as a tragicomedy, and there are indeed many moments of both uproarious laughter and also heavy seriousness-it's reflective of real life in that way. And while this superlative production entertains, it also begs each and every one of us to take a long, hard look at the "extras" in the background-not just in movies, but in our everyday lives as well."
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John Bavoso

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