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  Other Life Forms at Keegan Theatre

Other Life Forms

Keegan Theatre
1742 Church Street, NW Washington

Roommates Ben and Jeff couldn't be more different. Ben is a struggling journalist who can't get anything to go his way. Jeff is a successful researcher who glides through life with little resistance. At Jeff's insistence, they both give online dating a try. Ben meets Molly and the results are volatile, while Jeff meets Leslie and they make a connection. Over the course of the evening, a truth is revealed that sets in motion a series of hysterical and illuminating events. OTHER LIFE FORMS is a dynamic comedy that sets out to prove the existence of love, and how we often get in the way of it.

Thru - Jul 7, 2018

Price: $35 - $45

Box Office: 703-892-0202

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  Other Life Forms Reviews
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Washington Post - Recommended

"...McCoy isn’t blazing any new trails, but he’s earning his laughs in the brisk Keegan Theatre premiere directed by Shirley Serotsky. The setup — how many times have writers started with a blind-date setup? — has a wound-up guy named Ben stammering through small talk with Molly, whose vegetarianism (of all things) he finds hard to swallow. There’s a Seinfeld-level of oddball angst to Ben and steely defiance in Molly that you hear in the banter (Jerry and Elaine would nail this dialogue, getting on each other’s nerves), even if you don’t altogether feel it in the acting of Josh Sticklin and Shanta Parasuraman."
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Nelson Pressley

MetroWeekly - Somewhat Recommended

"...Brandon McCoy's Other Life Forms is a small-scale comedy with large ambitions of tackling conundrums like sex, love, and human relationships. It's staking its shot in Keegan Theatre's world premiere production, directed by Shirley Serotsky, and unfortunately lands off the bullseye. The prevailing sense is that the paint's still fresh on this one, although the vibrant cast is headed in the right direction."

Andre Hereford

BroadwayWorld - Highly Recommended

"...Still, as funny as the show is (and, to be clear, it's very funny), "Other Life Forms" is also deeply philosophical. It explores what makes us uniquely human - love, friendship, and our own quest for answers about our lives and the universe. The play asks the audience to consider their own relationships, perspectives, and fears, and challenges viewers to contemplate them from a different point of view, from that of the other person or a total stranger."
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Rachael Goldberg

DC Metro Theater Arts - Highly Recommended

"...When asked recently what he hoped audiences will get from watching Other Life Forms, playwright Brandon McCoy answered, “I hope they laugh, and I hope they have a really good time.” Mission accomplished! McCoy’s new work – a world premiere now at the Keegan Theatre — is a funny, adroit look at contemporary love brought to life by a quintet of terrific actors under the lively direction of Shirley Serotsky."
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Amy Kotkin

MD Theatre Guide - Recommended

"...“Other Life Forms,” now playing at the Keegan Theatre, is a profound examination of what it means to be human, as seen by someone who (probably) isn’t. The world premiere by Brandon McCoy, directed by Shirley Serotsky, has the rare charm of being both thoughtful and funny, prompting both laughs and questions in equal measure."
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Morgan Halvorsen

DCTheatreScene - Somewhat Recommended

"...Ultimately, Other Life Forms is about the reconsideration of important relationships in our lives. It attempts to remind us of the destructive nature of familiarity when it's allowed to erode the bonds of love to life's detriment, and endeavors to soften up the lesson with some laughs. But I couldn't get past the production's fundamental gawkiness."
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Roy Maurer

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