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  Hard Times at Undercroft Theatre

Hard Times

Undercroft Theatre
900 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington

Charles Dickens's tale of love, loss, and circus folk is set against the backdrop of Industrial Revolution England. This clever version of Hard Times, in which four actors play dozens of characters, has not been seen in Washington for over two decades. Now's your chance to experience it at Undercroft Theatre.

Thru - Dec 8, 2019

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BroadwayWorld - Recommended

"...But really everybody is very good given their exceedingly difficult task; Herring may get the prize for presenting the most different characters - from the stiff Gradgrind to the moral worker who rejects the union to the wastrel brother. Struve has the greatest range of character age - from the childlike Juju to conniving housekeeper Mrs. Sparsit to Gradgrind's wife. Carpenter is commanding as the blustery Bounderby, the insistent Harthouse and the circus director with a speech impediment Mr. Slary. But Mayo, who was so good with a completely different Southern accent in last season's "Gulf View Drive" at the Stage Guild, is perhaps most memorable as the melancholy Louisa, a victim of the era's grimy industrial patriarchy if there ever was one."
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DC Metro Theater Arts - Recommended

"...Though there is little that's new about Dickens' critique of industrialism or the dehumanizing effects of unbridled capitalism, the author's reminders about the power of imagination and simple acts of kindness are timeless and most welcome in a tale that feels in many ways sadly contemporary."
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Amy Kotkin

MD Theatre Guide - Highly Recommended

"...This is a play to be savored; it is a work for people who are not afraid to invest some time in getting to their reward. The performances are memorable, the set beautifully and simply detailed, and the pacing, particularly in the second act moves well. This play may not appeal to all audiences, but those who like classic works impeccably produced will be very happy."
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Mary Ann Johnson

DCTheatreScene - Recommended

"...The play works on so many levels and the segments flow seamlessly into each other as key messages unfold. Originally published as a weekly serial, the sections are identified as Book the First – Sowing, Book the Second— Reaping, and Book the Third—Garnering. Director Bill Largess is a perfect match for the material honed as he is in the wonders of G.B. Shaw. Largess assures that as the multiple characters spiral in and out of the script the result is satisfying rather than dizzying."
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Debbie Minter Jackson

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