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  Gulf View Drive at Undercroft Theatre

Gulf View Drive

Undercroft Theatre
900 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington

Raleigh and May have been married for years, and his success as a writer has allowed them to move away from Kentucky. But Kentucky, in the form of their families, follows them to Florida, as both mothers have moved in with them. Social changes offer the couple a surprising challenge ... and opportunity. Returning in their roles as May and Raleigh in this, the final installment in the Washington Stage Guild's popular romantic trilogy by Arlene Hutton, are Lexi Langs and Wood Van Meter. Escape to Gulf View Drive at the Undercroft Theatre in Washington, DC.

Thru - Feb 10, 2019

Thursdays: 7:30pm
Fridays: 8:00pm
Saturdays: 2:30pm & 8:00pm
Sundays: 2:30pm

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Washington Post - Recommended

"...Adding hugely to the show’s impact, Reckeweg and his colleagues have carefully incorporated the music that Chaplin composed for “City Lights.” The score exudes old-fashioned sentiment and slapstick energy, and it underscores the action’s dancelike quality. A steadfast romance anchors this tale, but everything roundabout gambols with verve."
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Celia Wren

BroadwayWorld - Recommended

"...With the ability to stand on its own as entertainment, "Gulf View Drive" seems more complete than the previous "See Rock City" even as it leaves the door open for future installments, should they ever materialize. Let's hope Hutton tries that before the marvelous cast slips too far away."
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Roger Catlin

DC Metro Theater Arts - Highly Recommended

"...Gulf View Drive is the third and final play in Arlene Hutton's highly-acclaimed Nibroc Trilogy, which opened this week to waves of laughter and applause at the Washington Stage Guild in downtown DC."
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Ravelle Brickman

MD Theatre Guide - Highly Recommended

"...This is a deft play that understands that every era has its downside, and it takes real courage and desire to learn to think and feel more deeply about others. It's a beautiful coda to a very gifted trilogy."
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Mary Ann Johnson

DCTheatreScene - Highly Recommended

"...Largess, aside from his masterful casting, directs Gulf View Drive with an eye for detail, maintaining an easy pace while allowing the overlapping dialogue to bubble and perk naturally. His design collaborators make the most of the jewel-box-like playing space of the Undercroft Theater. Co-scenic designers Carl Gudenius and Jingwei Dai provide a realistic, cinder block house, focusing on the May and Raleigh’s covered back porch, or lanai. Marianne Meadows provides subtle lighting, and Sigrid Johannesdottir’s period wardrobe places the characters in the correct vintage."
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Jeffrey Walker

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