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  Butterfly at Source


1835 14th Street, NW Washington

"INtimately" experienced, the classic story of love, hope and loss is given new force in a theatre experience that reveals the raw humanity behind this beloved music. This profoundly arresting new version, stripped to its intense emotional core, returns to the structure of the source play that inspired overwhelming music. Performed by two brilliant international young casts, one in English and one Italian, you choose how to witness an unforgettable experience of breath-taking opera as dynamic theater.

Thru - Sep 22, 2019

Box Office: 202-315-1305

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DC Metro Theater Arts - Recommended

"...This reimagining of Butterfly by IN Series, a company known for removing the distance between its works and its audiences with small opera, is an earnest attempt to resolve the show’s underlying issues of race and gender, and looks at what happens when you strip back a life into waiting, watching, and remembering/imagining. By removing some of the harmful melodrama of the original piece and replacing it with the frantic uncertainty of mental fragility when faced with trauma, we are able to begin peeling off the injuries of the past and move to the future with hope. While I was personally able to disassociate this rendition from the original’s damaging themes, the vehicle for valuable dialogue that is provided in this production is perhaps its most important impact. It is through discussions such as these and honest attempts like the one central to Butterfly by IN Series that we as lovers of this art form can look at the dramatic, human tragedy at this piece’s core in a new light."
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Em Skow

DCTheatreScene - Recommended

"...There are very few misses in the evening. Suzuki exits upstage disappearing into what, on the evening I was there, should have been black, but instead an unfortunate light was left on and it breaks our suspension of disbelief by the singer opening a door to an-all-too-lit dressing room. Butterfly pulling down the papery wall panels becomes self-conscious staging with our wondering if each one is going to come down properly. Lighting designer Marianne Meadows' use of shadows and back lighting becomes at times less than magical in this cramped and exposed space, as when we watch Butterfly walk offstage into a stumpy lighting instrument. It seems more like a piece of Peter Sellars' theatrical chicanery - the light glaring into the audience's eyes - and doesn't support the image of the final flight of a winged insect."
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Susan Galbraith

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