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  Born Yesterday at Ford's Theatre

Born Yesterday

Ford's Theatre
511 Tenth Street, N.W. Washington

In this sharp-edged satire, opportunistic tycoon Harry Brock arrives in Washington with his naive girlfriend, Billie Dawn, to game the political system. With the help of an idealistic reporter, Billie wisens up and fights back to end the corruption. Aaron Posner (Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?) directs Edward Gero (Hello, Dolly!, A Christmas Carol) and Kimberly Gilbert (Jefferson's Garden, The Laramie Project) in this 1940s screwball comedy that shows truth and justice can win the day. See Born Yesterday in Washington DC at Ford's Theatre.

Thru - Oct 21, 2018

Tuesdays: 7:30pm
Wednesdays: 7:30pm
Thursdays: 7:30pm
Fridays: 7:30pm
Saturdays: 2:00pm & 7:30pm
Sundays: 2:00pm

Box Office: 202-347-4833

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  Born Yesterday Reviews
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MetroWeekly - Recommended

"...There is no doubt this resonance gives the play an uneasy pall. But if you can gird your loins, it’s worth the effort, epecially since director Aaron Posner brings his usual wit and acumen to the charming classic, staying true to Born Yesterday‘s screwball roots and ensuring it almost always pays off. A not-quite-Pygmalion storyline, the action centers around scrapyard millionaire Harry Brock’s desire to turn his ex-showgirl moll, Billie Dawn, into a more respectable companion for his D.C. adventure. While Billie may never gentrify, she does end up waking to her boyfriend’s shortcomings and her own value as a voting citizen."

Kate Wingfield

BroadwayWorld - Highly Recommended

"...Under Posner's direction, the remarkable cast brings these complex characters to life with vigor. No character is too small, and the ensemble cast members all deliver memorable performances. As for the show's leads, Edward Gero's extraordinary performance of Brock makes one feel momentarily sorry for the idiotic businessman, until the show's climax reminds the audience that Brock is an abusing, selfish bully. As the idealistic yet smug Paul, Cody Nickell shines, delivering each line with quick wit and a charming smile."
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Mina Radman

DC Metro Theater Arts - Highly Recommended

"...What a sparkling production of Born Yesterday at Ford’s Theatre. Written in 1946 as the United States was standing powerful after the carnage of WWII, Garson Kanin’s script is delightfully subversive; especially for those who root for the browbeaten to win out over the powerful and selfish."
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David Siegel

MD Theatre Guide - Recommended

"...In two quick-moving hours, Posner’s fine cast takes the audience back to the days of screwball comedy while also reflecting on the politics of today. As Hissom’s character tells Billie, it’s the fact that too few people care that lets thugs like Brock take control — and as Paul later warns, “A world full of ignorant people is too dangerous to live in.”"
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Peter Orvetti

DCTheatreScene - Highly Recommended

"...Honestly, this should be mandatory watching (or reading) for civic education classes (just not the 1993 version, which should stay in its Rotten Tomatoes grave). The willfully ignorant can become willfully non-ignorant. In fact, true Democracy demands it. As fictional former Assistant Attorney General Ed Devery says, "The curse of civilization-don't-care-ism.""
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Kelly McCorkendale

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