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  American Moor at Anacostia Playhouse

American Moor

Anacostia Playhouse
2020 Shannon Place SE Washington

Playwright-performer Keith Hamilton Cobb, directed by Drama Desk nominee Kim Weild, uses his love of language and 30 years of experience in the American theatre to explore Shakespeare, race and America, not necessarily in that order. His 85-minute award-winning play, American Moor, that considers the dilemma of a seasoned African-American thespian auditioning for a role fraught with racial animus, Othello, is an unapologetic peer into a hindering industry irony that stands as metaphor for our most pressing societal condition: a white culture dictating rules of conduct to a non-white one from an often inadvertent place of privilege. Cobb, with a facility for poetry entertains, and with the pathos of a veteran tragedian engages while asking questions that demand answers, and answering questions that too seldom get asked.

Thru - Feb 3, 2019

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